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Douglas Leedy

*1938 Portland, Oregon +2015 Corvallis, Oregon


Leedy: OCTET: Quaderno Rossiniano

SPRING(1958)(lyrics: Thomas Nashe) for SATB choir, score € 4NEW

TRIO (1960) for flute, horn in F and piano, score (7:35) € 10

PIECES (1960) for piano 4-hands € 10

QUINTET FOR WINDS (1962) for flute, oboe, clarinet in A, bassoon, horn in f, five scores required for performance each score € 15 NEW

ELEGY for eight brasses (four trumpets (Bb) and four trombone) (ca 2'15"-2'30") score and set of four double parts € 15 NEW

TRIO 1962 for trumpet (Bb), horn, and trombone (11:00) three sets of instructions and parts €20 NEW

QUINTET 1964 (1964) for clarinet (Bb or A), bassoon, trumpet(C or Bb), contrabass and organ, set of five parts, no score (8:00) € 15

ANTIFONIA II (to be performed offstage) for two trumpets and two trombones, score and parts (ca 3:00) € 10

PERSPECTIVES (1965) for solo horn, € 7.50

EXHIBITION MUSIC 1965 (1965- ) composed environmental sound for four or more players, including at least one instrument of the three families (woodwinds, brass, strings) and at least one sustaining instrument if guitar is used, duration variable but preferably at least one hour, set of performing materials € 20

OCTET: QUADERNO ROSSINIANO (1965) for flute (piccolo), clarinet in Bb, horn in F, violin, cello, pianoforte and percussion (Gran cassa e piatti) score € 12.50

THEATRE PIECES: MUSIC FOR PERCUSSION (1965), ARRANGEMENT for string quintet (1967), Après LE COUCHER DU SOLEIL ,arranged for toy piano; 2nd edition (2015) adding MUSIC FOR 3 STRING PLAYERS (1965), PNEUMATIC FANTASY (1966) for clarinet, and TRAVELLING MUSIC (1969) for ensemble of 5, 7, 9, 11 or 13 players with portable instruments and vehicles, all six scores, loose leaf in a portfolio, € 15

MUSIC FOR RECORDER AND HARPSICHORD (1965) , alto (treble) recorder and harpsichord, score and recorder part € 6.50 NEW

usable music I for very small instruments with holes(1966) ten to nineteen players of similar instruments (e.g. harmonicas, recorders, ocarinas), variable duration large format score € 15

USABLE MUSIC II IN Bb(1966) for ten instruments(fl, 2cl, 2hn, 2tp, 2tb, tba) and conductor, variable duration, set of parts (including conductor's part, no score), large format € 55 NEW

SUITE for two descant recorders(1966)(ca 6'30") two descant (soprano) recorders, score € 5 NEW

OCEAN PARK 1 (1968) and OCEAN PARK 2 (1969-70) (1993) prose scores for voices and electronics, respectively, score, € 4.00 NEW

88 is great (1969)(ca. 1:00) for piano, eighteen hands, instructions and set of nine parts, € 18

MARCH FOR 40 FINGERS (1970)(ca. 1:00) for piano, eight hands, score and four parts € 8 NEW

SERENADE (1971-72) for recorder solo or ensemble, variable duration € 5

THREE MEDIEVAL ENGLISH LYRICS (1979) for soprano voice and alto recorder (ca. 5:00) € 5

IGOR STRAVINSKY IN MEMORIAM (1972), solo guitar, score € 5NEW

LITTLE ROBIN REDBREAST (1964-75) nursery rhyme for soprano, celesta, english horn and contrabassoon set of four single-paged scores € 5

STRING QUARTET I.S.I.M. (1965-75), score € 12.50

THE LEAVES BE GREEN (1975) solo harpsichord or clavichord in meantone tuning, € 7.50

VARIATIONS ON 'EST-CE MARS?'(1974, rev. 1979) for wind quintet (fl, ob, cl (Bb), hn, bn) score € 10NEW, parts available upon request

SHINING PATH - SENDERO LUMINOSO (1992-93) symphony for Unison Orchestra, all players play from score, each score € 4.00

INVOCATIONS of the SPIRITS OF THE DEAD (1993) Second Symphony for Unison Orchestra, all players play from score, each score € 4.00

INVOCATION OF GAIA (1993) Third Symphony for Unison Orchestra, all players play from score, each score, € 4.00

PIANO SONATA 1994 solo piano (12:00+) € 5

W's LITTLE NOTEBOOK (2005) for octet (fl(pc)/cl(bcl)/bn/hn/per/pf/vn/vc) set of parts (no score) € 20.00 in preparation

HELLAS, Ten Musical Settings of Ancient Greek Poems (2009), for solo and ensemble voices with instrumental accompaniment € 30.00 in preparation

THREE ODES OF HORACE, MELODIZED (2012-13) for voice and plucked instrument accompaniment (harp, zither, etc.) score, € 4.00 NEW

PANDORA AND THE JAR OF TROUBLES (text: Hesiod) (2013) "by Bhishma Xenotechnites", for voice and plucked instrument accompaniment (harp, zither, etc.) score, € 4.00 NEW

CARMEN SAECVLARE (Horace, Centennial Hymn)(2013) for Boys' and Girls' Voices with preparation