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Gordon Mumma

*1935 Framingham, Massachusetts,
lives in British Columbia and California
Gordon Mumma's website/
Gordon Mumma records at Lovely Music and at New World Records


Mumma: 11 .. sushihorizontals .. (from the Sushi Box)

FROM THE SUSHI BOX including 5...sushiverticals and 3...perspectives, piano solo (13'00) € 12.50

11 .. sushihorizontals ..for piano solo (15'00) € 12.50

EQUALE Zero Crossing for 7 instruments (6 instruments (fl, cl, bn, tsx or hn, vn, vc or cb) and bandoneon)(1976), score 25 €

EQUALE - INTERNAL TEMPI (1975) for three double horns (F & Bb) with natural harmonic series and three diverse snare drums, score 10 €

SOFT SALOON SONG bandoneon and electric piano or other instruments, score 7,50 €

Gordon Mumma and Pauline Oliveros:
LAMENT FOR A PRINCESS ENCHANTED TO DEATH from FWYYNGHN (1980) for two bandoneons, score 7,50 €

Additional scores by Gordon Mumma are in preparation.