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Lauren Redhead

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Readhead: work (2013)

in the back there was a pigeon open instrumentation (2008) score 12.50

the engima machine 1: hendecaptych of hans memling for mezzo, flute and cello (2010) score 15.00

the enigma machine 4: the historicity of cartography for bass clarinet, piano and percussion(2010-11) score 12.50

lines that have been drawn on photographs of sculpture open instrumentation (2011) score 12.50

i am but one small instrument piano solo (2013) 20.00 (A3 format)

CONCERTO open instrumentation, open duration (2013) score 15 (A3 format)

work for 1, 2, 3 or 4 saxophones (2013) score 12.50

Entopic Landscape (2013-15) graphic score for variable resources, variable duration 10, performance materials for written-out versions for (a) four tubas, trombone and organ (20'), (b) two tubas and trombone (optional tape) (8'), organ (optional tape) are availble uppon inquiry.

boxmusic for toy piano, or other keyboard instruments of constrained compass (2015) score 10

parergons for violin, violoncello & piano (2015) score 12.50

for Luc Brewaeys for solo piano (2016) score 10

a common method for eight voices (SSAATTBB) (2013/14-2017) score 25

ore for solo piano (2018) score 10

humata, hukhta, huvarshta for viola da gamba and tenor recorder, as solos or as duet (2018) set of two parts 10