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Kirill Shirokov

*1990 in Nischni Nowgorod, lives in Moscow


Shirokov: (for violin)

(for violin) (2011), score € 12.50

29.november.11 (2011), score € 5.00, for several singing performers dispersed in a public space

(for four or more playback devices) (2011), score € 5.00

transcription (2011) after G. Carissimi, for two instrumentalists: flute or recorder and violin or viola, score € 12.50

nothing is what it wants to be after Satie's Trois Gymnopédies (2012), two versions:

1. For one player with any appropriate instrument (piano, organ, accordion, harp, guitar, vibraphone, etc.), score € 5.00
2. For two or more players with any appropriate instruments, matrix € 5.00

subcovered colour is not an occasion (2013) 15 instrumental parts without conductor, parts for accordion(s), 1st/2nd cello(s), clarinet(s), double bass(es), guitar(s), piano(s), piccolo(s), 1st/2nd/3rd viola(s), 1st/2nd/3rd/4th violin(s) € 12.50